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Student Bike Hire

Student Bike Hire

Our student bicycle hire is available to both local and international students

that are studying in one of Galway City Colleges or Language schools,

all our bikes are available both on short and on long term hire .

Our Bikes are available to any student who needs a bike to hire ,

for a few hours, a few days , a few weeks or even several months,

We can offer you great value for money on both short and long term hire deals

with bike rental cost as little as €1.00 per day for a one month bike rental offer.

It’s a great way to explore Galway city at your own pace & a very cheap means of transport

while staying & studing locally in Galway City.

Short Term Hire

 Full Day Hire - € 15.00

One Week Hire = €25.00

Two Week Hire = €30.00

Three Week Hire = €35.00


1 Month Hire = € 40.00

2 Month Hire = € 60.00

3 Month Hi1e = € 80.00

4 Month Hire = € 99.00

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