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West  Side  Cycles

E-Bike Range

 We have a wide range of E-Bikes to suit all budgets Prices start from €1499.00

Top Brands available

Cannondale  , Lapierre

Devron , Romet

E-Bikes Range

All Our E-Bikes are available on the ( Bike To Work ) cycle scheme

Devron Ladies E-Bike €1499.00         Devron Gents E-Bike €1499.00

Cannondale Ladies E-Bike  €2950.00        Cannondale Gents E-Bike €2950.00

Lapierre Ladies E-Urban 3.4  €2399.00           Lapierre Ladies E-Urban 4.4  €2799.00

    Lapierre Gents E-explorer 6.5  €3499.00            Lapierre Gents OverVolt 5.5 MTB €2999.00

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